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Are you working on a track, a demo, an album, a TV commercial, radio jingle, film score......?

Are you searching for that extra something? A subtle rhythm track, driving bass line or lead solo,

Maybe you're not sure what your track needs?


Review By: MikeKingAtl ( 20, 2017

I'm incredibly happy with Johnny's banjo recordings. Wow... just phenomenal playing that perfectly matched the feel of the song and helped the song come alive. Super nice/positive guy too. He provided two takes (both great, both tasteful) - in one he stretched out a little more with fills and variation - the other was more in the groove.


Apple Mac

Harrison Mixbus

Logic Pro X

Melodyne 4

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and Scarlett Octopre


Vintage Soundcraft analogue console

Neutrik patchbays

DBX266XS comp/exp

Drawmer MX30 comp/limiter

TL Audio tube mic pre

Lexicon MPX200 reverb

Aphex aural exciter

BBE 482i sonic maximizer

DBX 296 spectral enhancer

Boss GX700 guitar effects processor

Revox A77 2 track tape recorder (analogue mastering)


From a state of the art studio, we can supply tracks custom recorded for your project, sent via email, (Dropbox) so all you need do, is download the track, add it to your project and mix!

All tracks are sent 'dry' (flat EQ, no effects) unless our customer requires different.


Banjo (acoustic & electric)

Guitar (acoustic & electric)

Fiddle (acoustic & electric)

Mandolin (acoustic & electric)

Bass (acoustic & electric)

Everything is recorded especially for you, tailored to your needs, using a choice of instruments, quality microphones and playing styles to add 'that extra something' to make your track stand out from the rest.

We pride ourselves on our friendly service, high quality tracks and all round professional service.


  I am a full-time professional musician, with many years experience as a session player, touring musician, recording engineer, producer and songwriter. I work from a very well equipped home studio, designed for providing high quality tracks to artists and producers all around the world. 


   I have worked with some of the finest musicians/songwriters including, Peter Rowan, Charlie Pride, Marty Stuart, Acker Bilk,

The Oakridge Boys, Albert Lee, Ben Waters, Jerry Arhelger, Kenny Baker, Chris Jagger, Leapy Lee, Sarah Jory, Uncle Josh Graves,

Bill Keith, Jools Holland, Hayseed Dixie, Bob Black, Randy Kohrs, Johan de Meij, and countless others, as well as working for radio stations and TV networks across Europe and the USA.

I have experience with a variety of musical styles beyond just bluegrass/country, from swing to techno and I look forward to working with you on your next project!

 Won many awards Internationally. Recognized by Guinness World Records as the Worlds Fastest Banjo Player at 260bpm (beats per minute), published in 2009 GWR book. 

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"Johnny is one of those musicians whose level of vocation and excellence makes you realize that your decision not to pursue a career as a serious player was definitely the right one

You've either got it, or you haven't.

Sadly in my case I haven't.....

Johnny most certainly has!"

Sean Kenny

Owner at Ten21 studios

Kent, UK




We look forward to hearing from you.
Call; 07563 154491
Review By: windypress Jan 16, 2019
Johnny Butten is 5 Star musician who delivered a 5 Star performance. Excellent banjo and guitar work. Great creativity and communication! Quick turnaround. We will be working with him again. Thank you Johnny!
Yuri Mezenko.
- This review was for a custom proposalmailto:TheSessionRoomUK@Gmail.com
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