If you're looking for advanced techniques, Johnny's got you covered.
Learn how to use 'Keith D-tuners' to play tunes like Flint Hill Special, Randy Lynn Rag and Bending the strings. There are several examples of tunes in the melodic style with tablature and mp3 audio, such as Blackberry Blossom, Little Rock Getaway and St Anne's Reel.
Advanced back up banjo techniques, playing boogie woogie, playing in other keys and a whole lot more.
186                      In the intermediate series Johnny explains and demonstrates intermediate techniques including;
Left hand techniques such as slides, pull-offs, hammer-ons, chokes and harmonics.
Learn how to play a tune from scratch (even if you don't have the tablature). Johnny explains how to 'find a tune ' on your banjo and then play it with your newly learned techniques. Introduction to melodic banjo, playing scales and arpeggios smoothly using the melodic style (credit Brad 'Bill ' Keith). Chord inversions. 
PLUS.....An introduction to 'speed playing' (The secrets to the Guinness World Record 260bpm explained).
Learn blues runs and chromatic runs and licks and how to use them. Playing in a 'jam session' or in a band.
Introduction to playing banjo 'back up '.Intermediate.html
                       Like anything in life, if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well. Start how you mean to go on and get the basics RIGHT. 
In the beginner series of lessons, Johnny teaches all the main right hand picking techniques and shows you how to play them with left hand chords so you can amaze your friends with a few tunes. You will be expertly guided through the learning process with advice that will save you many wasted hours.
Learn; how to tune your banjo, how to read and play from tablature and elementary chord charts . Tips on getting finger picks to fit. Posture and hand positioning.
"Begin as you mean to go on and go on as you began - Charles Haddon Spurgeon "Beginner.html